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Chris Carter於六月底上來之後,和左打的Brandon Moss platoon一壘,在11場比賽中擊出5支全壘打 (包括7/6的再見三分球) 9 RBI,三圍是.310/.444/.862。球棒拿在體型壯碩的Carter手中像是木條 (或長木塊)的情景依舊,只是與前兩年相比,揮棒落空或站著領K的情形減少許多,舊金山紀事報的Steve Kroner道出了Chris Carter的轉變

Chris Carter 20120706 Walk off HR Photo by Ezra Shaw Getty Images
Chris Carter walk off 3-Run HR (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

A's young pitchers not awestruck
by Steve Kroner

Many people gave up on Chris Carter after he had several unsuccessful stints in the major leagues.

當Chris Carter數度無法成功留在大聯盟後,很多人放棄了他

The first baseman couldn't put up the numbers to stay, but it was more than that: His body language was poor, he appeared defeated, meek even, at the plate and in the field.


Some fans, scouts and media members thought that perhaps Carter was a bust, a Four-A player who was destined to spend his career drifting between Triple-A and the majors.


With a new spring in his step and a grin on his face, Carter, 25, is proving the naysayers wrong. He was recalled June 29 to platoon at first base with Brandon Moss, and in nine games, Carter has five homers and nine RBIs.

新的春天與臉上的笑容,25歲的Carter正證明那些反對者是錯的。他在6月29號被叫上來,與Brandon Moss輪流守一壘,Carter在9場比賽中擊出5支全壘打,以及9分打點

"I'm feeling a lot better about being here now, instead of pressing so much," Carter said Sunday after hitting his second homer in two games. "I definitely didn't feel comfortable before."

"現在在這裡的感覺好多了,壓迫感沒那麼重" Carter在第二場比賽擊出他的本季第二轟後說 "我以前真的沒有如此舒適"

This is a major development for Carter. He had little confidence when he was in the big leagues in 2010 and 2011. He hit .167 with three homers, nine walks and 41 strikeouts in 114 at-bats. Now, he is comfortable, assured.


"He just needed the right mind-set and to not be so apprehensive and tight," minor-league hitting instructor Todd Steverson said.

"他只是需要正確的心態,不必憂慮與緊張" 小聯盟打擊指導Todd Steverson說

"You see Chris smile, interact differently," A's director of player development Keith Lieppman said. "He's much more relaxed. I think he understands he belongs here and can be a big force in a new era for this young club."

"你看見Chris微笑,互動有別以往" A's選手發展部主任Keith Lieppman說 "他更加放鬆了。我認為他體會到自己屬於這裡,也可以成為這支年輕球隊新一代的重要力量"

One major reason for Carter's assuredness is that he is standing closer to the plate. Before, he was striking out on breaking stuff away, getting pounded constantly with sliders on the outside. Earlier this season, Triple-A hitting coach Greg Sparks got him to move toward the plate and to get his legs involved more.

讓Carter有自信的一個主要原因為,他現在站的離本壘板更近了。過去,他總被變化球三振,常受到外角滑球重擊。本季稍早,3A打擊教練Greg Spark要他移向本壘板,讓他的雙腿更靠近些

"Chris bought right into it," Sacramento Manager Darren Bush said. "Now the outside pitch doesn't look so far away."

沙加緬度河貓 (A's 3A)的總教練Darren Bush說 "現在外角球看起來沒那麼遠了"

Lieppman called it "a complete turnaround, a metamorphosis."

Lieppman將此稱為  "轉機,蛻變"

Carter can cover the whole plate now, and his wrists are lightning fast, according to A's hitting coach Chili Davis, so he still can react to a pitch inside with no problem, such as the one he drilled in Minnesota on Saturday for a three-run homer.

現在Carter (的攻擊)可以涵蓋整個本壘板,他的手腕很快,根據A's打擊教練Chili Davis表示。所以Carter在站姿靠近本壘板後對於內角球的反應上沒有問題,就像他在明尼蘇達擊出的那發三分全壘打般

The difference was apparent in his numbers at Sacramento. He struck out 31 times and walked 12 times in April, not far off his past norm. By June, he'd cut his strikeouts down to 16, and he walked 15 times. Carter has drawn five walks with the A's - including a key walk to load the bases for Jonny Gomes' grand slam off Francisco Liriano on Friday.

3A的成績則有明顯不同。四月被三振31次保送12次,與過去差不多。到了六月,他的三振降到16次,並且獲得15次保送。Carter在A's獲得5次保送,包括一次重要的保送擠成滿壘,後來才有Jonny Gomes從 Francisco Liriano手中擊出的滿貫砲

Despite all the doubters, Carter didn't lose support within the A's organization. Executives emphasized that Carter always needed more than a year at every level before he started performing his best, and that was going to include the majors.


"Some players go to the big leagues and boom, it all happens," Steverson said. "For most players, it can take time to translate it to the next level."

"有些球員在來到大聯盟後就有所表現,這常發生" Steverson說 "對大多數的選手來說,須要花點時間,將其轉換到次一個層級上面 (指大聯盟)"

"There was a lot of explaining to him that he had to show 'You're the guy,' especially when a lot of other first basemen passed him and took his job," Lieppman said. "It's one of those really great stories of a guy who was a top prospect who then had to play second fiddle - and now he's back where he should be."

"曾經有很多人向他解釋,他必須表現出你就是球隊要的選手,特別在許多一壘手超過他,並拿走他的工作時" Lieppman說 "這是一個很好的故事,一位頂級新秀必須擔任別人的副手,現在他回到他應該出現的地方"

(綠帽迷快忘記Daric Barton了...他在現在人在3A河貓)



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